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What Skye is

From the "AyChao's House of Loonywaffles + Miptown Q&A" topic on the forum. The question was "Skye, have you finally figured out what you are?"

Skye: Me~  :P

Len: Actually, we found out the other day.

Joan: She's some sort of magical being- not really a fairy, more like some kind of... um...

Len: Some kind of "um", exactly.

Joan: Every book or website gave us a different name and we don't know which one to use.

Len: And here's something interesting- they don't age like humans, they stay the same age for a long time, then foof! They literally grow up overnight. Magic. Some of them stay in their "young" stages for a few months, some take fifty years.

Harmony Ironica: Which means I'm stuck baby-sitting her while I wait for her to hurry up and grow up, and I have no microwaveable idea how long it's gonna take! Waaaaaaah!


Harmony Ironica