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"Not everything I touch bursts into flames, y'know..."

Harmony Ironica Chaodiamond is a character created by AyKooChao, who will finish this page later.


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"Hey, stop whining. I could be putting you in the potion. But luckily for you, I'm a nice person and I don't do that."

Harmony Ironica and Len first met the day Harmony Ironica arrived in Miptown. Lumina asked her to show her a spell, so Harmony transfigured the first person she could find... who happened to be Len.



Skye Raisin



"[Doing something] in 3, 2, 1..."
-Her catchphrase

"Meeeebs, [name]!"
-Her other catchphrase

"I'm from another dimension where everyone has magic powers, but after five years of watching my brother and sister messing up the easiest spells, I got sick of it and came here. Now I'm teaching my best friend Lumi about magic!"
-Harmony Ironica telling someone her origin story. This may not be what actually happened.

"And that, Lumi, is why I'm not allowed in the Sushiria this week."
-Harmony Ironica explaining something to Lumina.

"Crazy FC lady? What are we, cats or something?"
-Harmony Ironica's response to AyChao joking about how she was going to turn into a "crazy FC lady".

"I heard that! "Plotting". Just 'cause I'm a witch. Typical!"
-Harmony Ironica after Ianiant saw her plushified face and asked what she was plotting.


  • Ironica is not her last name.
  • She has been banned from the Sushiria at least three times.
  • She always calls Lumina "Lumi" or "Lu" unless she's seriously serious about something.
  • She reminds Adiln of a Yu-Gi-Oh character, probably because of her hair.
    • She actually was partly inspired by one...
  • Her MeebleIt screen name is GrandMipOfMagic.
    • While we're on the subject of MeebleIt, she tends to type too fast and make microwavely embarassing typos. Once when she was Meebling about how she fell in lava in Minecraft, she messed up the word "lava" and it got AutoCorrected to "love". Carrie will never let her live that one down...
  • When casting certain spells, she tends to accidentally set things on fire. (She always puts the fires out before anyone gets hurt, though.)
    • This is the reason behind two of her Sushiria bans.
  • She can use her magic gemstone to detect magic and locate other magic users.