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Bailyn is a FC created by DeluxePizza.

Flipdeck Info

Hometown: Sakura Bay
Loves: Lychee
Hates: Arrogance
Occupation: Student

Bailyn is a hard-working student in Sakura Bay High, who values her education a lot. Since middle school, she has amazed her parents, peers, and teachers with her academic skills. Although she was popular during middle school, she was also somewhat reserved and introverted. However, she is working on it to this day. Currently, she is planning to go to law school. Every time school ends for the day, she spends time in the library reading, before going home to call her childhood friend, Nari, on the phone.


Bailyn has light colored skin, thin eyebrows, and a sea green and black checkered hairband on her medium, wavy dark brown hair. She wears a sea green and dark green plaid shirt, a black and white backpack, and a black watch. She also wears a black and white plaid skirt, and white and ocean green shoes with black soles and dark green laces.

Style B

Bailyn now has a fully-red hairband on her hair. She wears a red long-sleeved tee shirt with a yellow star on it, a black short-sleeved overshirt with white buttons, and a yellow buckled belt. She also wears a white skirt with black stripes on the side, and black sneakers with yellow laces and a light gray trim and soles.


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  • Bailyn is one of DeluxePizza's earliest creations since late-2016.
  • She went through many designs, including a hippie, yoga instructor, and a model.
  • Originally, she wasn't planned to be Nari's best friend, until her current design as a college student.

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